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I love the FOX network! Sonic (my hero) will be back on TV. And according to Kazaa on my computer in 53:21:59. and the best part of all this is it’s not just sonic it’s Shadow, Miles “tails” power, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Egg man, rouge, Big, and more. This is going to kick all ass…

Well moving on, I might be going over to Japan sometime next year, I’ll go to school and I’ll live with a Japanese family, and do many other Japanese things! La, la, la! You know life is good everything is happy now and stuff.
I could write more, but I don’t fell like it. See ya’ all this is Steele signing out. La, la, la, la, la-
Oh yah E-mail me.

Sinker hates you...


Sinker is out right now I’ll talk him into doing a rant soon.